Chi Farms marks 10th anniversary of partnership with global market leader in poultry genetics

chi farms
L-R: Mr Tom Exley (President AMEA Region, Aviagen Group), Dr Johannes Flosbach (Manager Chi Farms Ltd.), Michael Middernacht (Executive Director Chi Farms Ltd.), Michael Garden (Sales Manager Africa, Aviagen Group)

Chi Farms Limited has announced landmark ten years of business relationship with Aviagen this week, the global market leader in poultry genetics and owner of the popular ‘Arbor Acres’ broiler brand. A direct result of this partnership has made Chi Farms Limited the leading Grand Parent Integrator and distributor of quality day-old chicks in Nigeria.

„We have strived to build a legacy by leveraging on this unique partnership to guarantee security of local supplies, such that today the ‘Arbor Acres’ brand is the market leader of all broiler brands in Nigeria”, says Dr Tunji Olaitan, General Manager Chi Farms.

Having received the first ‘Arbor Acres’ Broiler Grand Parents from AVIAGEN just over ten  years ago, the AA brand has grown to become the most widely accepted and the number one choice of broiler farmers and integrators in Nigeria today. Chi Farms and AVIAGEN partnered to promote the growth of local poultry industry in Nigeria through supplies of top quality genetics, promotion of best practices and technical support services.

“We are proud that we manage to produce day old chicks in Nigeria that have the same quality as you would buy abroad. Our investments in high tech equipment and continous training of our staff pay off”, says Martin Middernacht, Executive Director Chi Farms.

As of today, Chi Farms Ltd. already has the capacity to supply all of Nigeria’s broiler breeder day-old chicks, and hence has made Nigeria independent from imports in this category. To further grow the industry Chi Farms and Aviagen agreed to still further growing the grand-parent stock capacities in Nigeria to assure full domestic supply also in the future. The two companies are also planning to set up a poultry school on the basis of Chi Farms’ Customer Focus Team, which already provides technical services to poultry farmers.




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