Chi Farms partners with Nollywood to train farmers


Chi Farms Ltd. has partnered with Nollywood to produce edutainment series that help building the capacity of farmers. The company has started to shoot its first mini-series of eight episodes in Epe with a focus on catfish farming. The series will cover the daily struggles of a catfish farmer in running its business profitably. The Chi Farms Aquaculture Customer Focus Team will provide practical solutions that help to maximize the profit of the catfish farming business.

Chi Farms uses the series as part of its large scale training effort for catfish farmers under its ongoing ‘Feed the Future’ initiative. The series will also be made available online through social media and is expected to be aired on a major Nigerian TV channel.

Dr. Johannes Flosbach, Corporate Strategy and Business Development Chi Farms, states: “Agricultural trainings must be as practical and hands-on as possible. Edutainment clips are a great way to reach large numbers of farmers even in areas where our Customer Focus Team cannot assist directly.”

The project is part of a larger strategic initiative by Chi Farms to create win-win models with smallholder farmers by providing fish feed, catfish juveniles and water testing kits in combination with certified trainings and regular technical assistance. “Chi Farms produces highest quality of feed and juveniles. However, farmers need knowledge and understanding to choose the best quality product over the lowest price product” says Martin Middernacht, Executive Director at Chi Farms Ltd.

The project is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In return Chi Farms has committed to conducting significant investments into the expansion of its feed milling and catfish hatchery capacities.




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