Fendt e100 Vario – World first electric tractor can last for 5 continuous hours

electric tractor

AGCO Fendt have developed the world’s first all-electric tractor: The Fendt e100 Vario. The world seems to be moving very fast, evident in the proliferation of technology across various sectors of the world economy among which agriculture is being impacted.

Fendt e100 Vario can be used for a full farm day, working under normal conditions without the need to recharge. The tractor is powered by an electric motor and other necessary electric control systems which completely replace the internal combustion engine fueled with petrol or diesel.

Climate change has been a subject of continuous debate, a challenge for farmers and the world at large faced with growing concerns of food security owing to carbon footprint. Proponent of electric powered cars like Tesla continually emphasize the importance of having vehicle that do not run on fuel, stressing that they can help to reduce the amount of Co2 emission.

According to an AGCO Fendt spokesperson, “The battery-powered tractor can significantly reduce CO₂ emissions. If renewable energy generated on the farm is used, the machine can be operated with a net zero carbon footprint and very cost-efficiently.”

The battery of the tractor has a 50KW power output that can last for five hours, recharging the battery up to 80% takes about 40 minutes using the CCS type 2 plug. The lithium-ion battery can also be charged with either 400V and up to 22KW via a standard CEE socket or by a supercharging wit direct voltage.

While the on-board electric motor is capable of recovering and conserving energy, the battery pack can also be used as an intermediate storage for farm-generated power.

The tractor will be on display at the Agritechnica 2017




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