Great Plains Accushot system automatically applies fertilizer to furrows

accushot system

Corn, Soyabeans and other commodity prices are continue to decline as against the rising cost of inputs, it is imoerative to develop new farming technologies that will reduce cost and effectively maximize the use of resources.

One of such technologies is Accushot which was introduced by Great Plains at the on-going annual National Farm Machinery show. This innovation helps to improve fertilizer application system via a revolutionary planter attachment that places defined amount of fertilizer in rows alongside the seed.

The fertilizer is carefully placed with the seed or right next to the seed for early uptake and maximum growth potential.

Every time an individual seed drops, a premeasured dose of liquid fertilizer is triggered and delivered via a nozzle between the planter’s disc openers located ahead of the seed tube. When the seeds passes the seed tube sensor, a message is sent to the solenoid controller which calculates the exact delay time between each seed drop and then triggers the injection of a specified amount of fluid into a pressured tube feeding the nozzle.

Further testing reveals that the Accushot system by Great Plains can also be used to apply fungicides and insecticides during planting

The AccuShot system is currently only being offered on Great Plains planters and its availability into the market in the near future is being considered.

Tom Evans of Great Plains explains that the timing of the injection can be varied so that the fertilizer can be injected ahead of the seed or with the seed in the furrow. This Accushot system technology can increase efficiency, reduce fertilizer application cost and boost crop yields.



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