Infarm uses hydroponics to set up a farm inside a supermarket


When you feel eating vegetables and you want if fresh, the first place of reach that comes to mind is the farm where the local farmers just harvest from the farms or in the the alternative you get to the market or a nearby fruit shop.

However one supermarket in Germany is making life easy by installing a farm within the store.

Now you may want to ask how is that possible, well Hydroponics is the answer, a system where plants grow on a layer of water enriched with oxygen and fertilizer instead of soil as we are conventionally used to.

A German supermarket has installed a farm within its store. Infarm, a Berlin-based indoor farming startup has set up a vertical farm inside the Metro supermarket where green vegetables are grown. The startup aims to grow fresh local produce 365 days a year.

This farm is set up inside a modular box which is efficient and can make vertical farming affordable on a microscale. The plants are grown under a controlled conditions under LED lights that tend to imitate sunlight and adequate oxygen and fertilizer supplied in the water.

According to a report on Mashable, Erez Galonska, Founder and CEO of Infarm watched series of Youtube tutorials on Hydroponics then built pipe systems in his living room which after one month yielded a “jungle farm full of delicious greens.”

The result of that experience has propmted galonska and now he wants to create an “urban farming revolution” through the creation of vertical indoor farms.




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