JNAU farms linked with GPS monitoring system


Initiating a step forward towards digitalisation in agriculture system the Jawaharlal Nehru Agriculture University (JNAU) has linked all its farms with the Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring system. The data related to soil, water, crops and other attributes related to research activities are being uploaded in the system. In this project above 500 hectares of farm land of JNAU has been linked with the GPS system.
The data research linked with farms would be uploaded along with research cases and it would be kept for future references. The future of the project is uploading data of soil health parameters and laboratory tests of water and soil as well as crop specific area would be linked.
The development would enhance utilisation of available natural resources, assuring financial security of farmers community while also helps in creating sustainable farming business model for economic security, crop insurance, monitoring of soil health as well as give proper details of yield and need of post-production works like storage, marketing, etc.
On priority the agriculture fraternity of the State, which is the fastest growing agriculture based economy of the State has been maintaining its highest rate of agriculture production since last five years earning Krishi Karman Award successively from the Government of India.
The Information Technology fusion in upgraded systems would complement the growing agriculture based economy in terms of industrial growth in agriculture sector.
The project would also support upgradition work of Krishi Upaj Mandis into modern IT enabled markets. The use of IT tools would also create a virtual national network of agriculture produces. Through this marketing system e-marketing platforms could strengthen the village market.
Vice Chancellor of JNAU Professor Vijay Singh Tomar says that, adding a step towards keeping total digital mapping of over 500 hectares of land with the JNAU.
The scientists are working on different research projects related to crop, seed, soil, water, air, fertilizers, pests and much more related for better agriculture in the State. University with linkage of its farms in GPS system focusses on sharing information related to farm planning with existing soil health, fertility, nutrition and nutrient levels in soil as well as similar information related to water and climate related issues. In future the ongoing project would give better information, data for analysis and planning for the employment.
APRO, JNAU and Soil Scientist Dr Shekhar Singh Baghel informed that, digitalisation of land related study would help in enhancing profitability in agriculture sector.
Another major issue related to farming is rejuvenation of declining fertility in soil, the new system would be help in study related to impact of conventional methods of farming and impact of application of new farm practices could be regularly monitored.

Source – The Hitavada



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