New technology converts leather waste into fertlizer

organic fertlizer

Wang Quanjie, a professor with Yantai University has lead a team of Chinese researchers to develop a technology that converts leather solid waste into fertilizer and other products, creating a solution to a problem that have plagued leather companies for years.

This technology which just passed review by the Shandong provincial department of science and technology enables the researcher liquefy leather waste and turn it into organic fertilizer or construction materials like adhesives after chromium which is the heavy metal has been removed.

This new method of recycling waste will reduce pollution caused by leather waste, impact agriculture by providing safe organic fertilizer for farms to grow more food and ultimately bring economic benefits to companies.

After removal of chromium from leather waste, a solid material with high Nitrogen levels is obtained which can be used as Nitrogen source for agricultural purpose.

Nitrogen is an essential element required for plant to maximize growth, also there has been a growing concern about water pollution from indiscriminate use of Nitrogen fertilizers which has led to the search for alternative sources of Nitrogen.




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