Newly discovered Maize disease may threaten food security

maize disease

At the time where tomato scarcity is taking a hit on Nigerians due to infestation of Tuta Absoluta, a new maize disease has been discovered and is said to be ravaging maize farms in the South-West region of the country.

This discovery was announced by Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Moore Plantation Ibadan adding that this disease may likely lead to shortage of maize crop within the region if it is not checked. Hence the need for stakeholders to quickly respond in order to prevent what is being experienced with Tomato.

Apart from the attendant loss to farmers, the effect of this Maize disease will also affect livestock production as a larger percentage of livestock feed for poultry is made from maize crop.  Prices of food staples made from Maize could also rise if the disease is not quickly checked.

IAR&T is the institute mandated with the maize production in the region and is already putting adequate measures in place to control the menace.

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