President Buhari Commissions $150m Olam integrated Feed Mill and Poultry


President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, commissioned the $150 million Olam Integrated Feed Mill and Poultry in Kaduna State. The president was joined by Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, other dignitaries and management of Olam Nigeria Limited.

The integrated poultry farm and animal feed mill is expected to produce over one million high-quality layers (for eggs) and broilers (for meat). The feed mill has a capacity to supply farmers with about 360,000 metric tonnes of specially formulated poultry feed in a year at a fairly competitive price while the hatchery has a capacity to produce four billion eggs and 100 million kilogrammes of poultry meat.


The launch of the integrated farm will boost local production of poultry and poultry product, serve as raw material market for corn and soybeans farmers as well as generate employment.

In a recent tour of the facility, the company made it known that it sources about 180,000 metric tonnes of corn and 75,000 metric tonnes of Soybeans from local farmers in Kaduna state, Olam will begin to buy Soybeans from smallholder farmers who produce approximately 200,000 metric tonnes of Soybeans thereby increasing their farming income.

The farm has an on-site storage facility of 50,000 metric tonnes with similar outsourced storage capacity which is estimated to sell millions of eggs and day old chicks. The project also has a capacity to employ about 8,000 workers through direct and indirect labour.




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