Self-driving farm machinery set to be used in farming

Self driving equipment

If you think that agriculture is still at the level of ‘Hoe and Cutlass’ or a mere combination of agricultural machinery and equipment, then this is for you. Two Japanese companies, Kubota and Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) are set to introduce autonomous, self-driving equipment into agriculture.

These self-driving equipment will form part of a number of cutting-edge agricultural technology meant to support a gloomy agricultural sector in Japan.

The two companies involved will provide complementary services to drive this effort, Kubota has commercialized systems that use data such as flavor and water content from rice to automatically adjust fertilizer application the following planting season while NTT will provide accurate GPS technology and artificial intelligence to forecast weather and determine harvest times.

The target year for rollout is 2018, this will be accelerated by setting up new IT services for farmers. These services will help put self-driving farm equipment on the market.

Big data analysis is very important in this day agribusiness and this will be an advantage for both companies to achieve a higher market share. It is also important for the Japanese agricultural sector which is facing severe labour shortage and aging problem.

The introduction of technology in Agriculture will attract the younger generation to farming and enable them participate in various agribusiness enterprise. This will in turn reduce the

Technology applications in agriculture include using sensors to determine temperature, soil water level and moisture contents. Drones are used to take aerial images of the farm as well as spraying farms with agrochemicals.



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